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Ladurner Equipment accelerates with Safetrucks

The innovative urban hygiene portal site, a reference point for operators in the sector, will develop a section entirely dedicated to Ladurner Equipment's range of full-Electric vehicles, taking advantage of Safetrucks' commercial and marketing opportunities and synergies. In the photo, Andrea Silvestri (A.U. Ladurner Equipment) and Gilberto Tummolo (A.U. Safetrucks) The agreement recently signed at Ladurner's offices in Bolzano marks...

A small full electric vehicle in the city of the Council Test LV2e in the streets of Trento

LV2e Trento Versatile, capacious, manageable, dynamic, fast, silent, clean, safe: the small full electric of Ladurner Equipment confirms its prerogatives. After the test phase, it will enter serial production and will be available on the market in April. Presented for the first time in Europe at Ecomondo 2021 and currently in the demo and test phase. This is the LV2e, a full...

Equipment in electric mode service in Val di Fiemme, Trentino

LV5-01 "Energy Pack" system proposed with a new and innovative load assist In the next few days, a Ladurner Equipment LV5 (a 5 cqm tank) will make its debut in service on the roads of Val di Fiemme, Trentino. It will be equipped with the "Energy Pack" system which allows the use of on-board equipment in electric mode proposed by the...

Strong interest in Ecomondo for the full electric range of Ladurner Equipment

Ecomondo Strong interest in Ecomondo for the full electric range of Ladurner Equipment Curiosity and great appreciation in particular for the little big LV2e, a tank of at least 2 cubic meters and a system to raise the bins, an ideal vehicle both for size and for turning radius, being a three-wheeler with large load capacity and an important autonomy of...

Ladurner Equipment A Ecomondo 2021

Ecomondo 2021 will be held in Rimini from 26 to 29 October. We're looking forward to meeting you at our stand at Ecomondo 2021 HALL A7 - STAND 001 We will have the pleasure to show you our new range of compactors for waste collection including the FULL ELECTRIC LC5e. We look forward to seeing you in Rimini!

European homologation for the compactor LC5e: Ladurner’s answer to Pnrr

After the tank LV5e now Ladurner Equipment can count on the entry into the range of full electric vehicles also of a compactor, LC5e, the first light truck for the European market of environmental hygiene with an important certification resulting from the collaboration between Shanghai Motors and the technical and commercial departments of Ladurner Equipment that holds the exclusive sector...

Ladurner mini-compactors, perfect for door-to-door in city centers

LC5 Bolzano The LC5 and LC7 models of Ladurner Equipment are mini-compactors with tipping tank equipment and waste compression system with scraper and trolley, for two volumes of use, about 5 and 7 cubic meters of useful load volume. Versatile vehicles for door-to-door collections, with tank tipping systems for transferring waste, which identify these two models as satellite vehicles to be connected...

LV5e at Bosco Vertical in Milan

LV5e Milano 001 LV5e by Ladurner Equipment at work in the Milan business center at the foot of the Bosco Verticale buildings The Bosco Verticale is a complex of two residential tower blocks designed by Studio Boeri and located in Milan's Centro Direzionale on the edge of the Isola district. It is here that a model of the LV5e of Ladurner Equipment has...

LC7 compactors in Monterotondo

LC7 Departure for Monterotondo LC7s leaving the Ladurner Equipment plant in Lavìs (TN) ready to enter service on the roads of Monterotondo The activity of production and delivery of Ladurner Equipment vehicles out of the Trentino plant of Lavis is still going on. It's the turn of LC7 compactors with destination Monterotondo (Rome). They will enter into service on the roads of the Roman...

Departure LC5

Serchio Motori LC5 1 March 3, 2021 LC5 with destination Spezia LC5 leaving the Ladurner Equipment plant in Lavìs (TN) ready for service on the roads of La Spezia The activity of production and delivery of Ladurner Equipment's vehicles out of the plant of Lavìs in Trentino continues without stop. It's the turn of the LC5 with destination Spezia, through a rental partner and...