The novelty of these months is the start of the production plant for assembly in the municipality of Lavìs, north of Trento.

Trentino confirms itself as a territory of innovation and cutting-edge services for the development of projects in the era of the green economy, with the “Manifattura domani” project and with the Mechatronics center, two European-level incubation and research centres, with innovative laboratories in which projects are developed with the University of Trento.

The Ladurner plant is located on the European Brenner corridor, in the territory called Euregio, the euro region of Trento-Bolzano-Innsbruck, in a strategic position to develop the market between the Baltic and the Mediterranean.

The position of the plant and of the research unit, therefore, are within this strategic territorial framework, where the circular economy is the driving force for many companies.