If Europe calls, Equipment responds

Ladurner Equipment is ready to face the continental market in the sign of the circular economy, relying on the Ladurner group biorefineries with the production of biomethane and renewable electric energy, with particular attention to the safety of vehicle operators and design in the optics of the sector qualification.


In the circular economy sector, the Equipment wants to enhance the biofuels produced in the Biorefineries of Ladurner, with the separate waste collection that moves the vehicles!

The desire to create a circular economy by promoting the use of biogas produced on our own by the fermentation of household organic waste is a reality. It is a closed circle as an ecosystem chain, an economic circularity that anticipates the European strategic objectives.

But not just separate collection biogas. For Ladurner Equipment the ecological, silent and reliable propulsion will also be promoted with energy from other renewable sources. From the East, on the so-called “Silk Road”, we are building unique equipment in the European scene. In the next few months, a large part of the investments will be directed to the electric-mobility sector, full-electric, to offer the market something that it was expecting.

To offer European smart cities solutions that are no longer experimental but standard and of full economic sustainability.


The equipment and the machines that we will offer, are conceived to realize state-of-the-art public waste collection services, which stand out not only for their low environmental impact, but also for a strong attention to operator safety.

On-board mechatronic sensors and ergonomics to facilitate workers are some of the priority development drivers of our company policy.


And last but not least, aesthetics! In the environmental hygiene market we want to offer waste collection vehicles with a unique and captivating design, able to satisfy users and to increasingly qualify the sector of primary public importance such as waste collection.

Europe calls and Ladurner Equipment responds!