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2m3 equipment fitted on full electric vehicle

Full electric, gross vehicle weight 2200 kg, zero emissions vehicle, with CE marking, ideal for waste collection in urban centers thanks to the limited noise impact.
It helps to reduce the environmental footprint of collection services and minimizes operating costs.


ChassisFull electric vehicle
Battery capacity20,74kWh
Max torque150Nm
Max power29kW
Battery typeLithium Iron Phosphate
Length3500 mm
Width1800 mm
Height2200 mm
Wheel base2750 mm
Gross vehicle mass2200 kg
Maximum distance in urban areas200 km


  • Fast charging batteries, needing about 7 hours with AC charging system, allowing running more than a collection round per day.
  • Wide, comfortable, and ergonomic cab chassis for two drivers.
  • The vehicle is offered with 3-year warranty  or up to 120.000 km.
  • The quality of the cutting-edge batteries gives the possibility to work with very low operating costs.
  • Hydraulic tilting of the tank.
  • Air conditioner and heater.
  • Automatic gear.
  • Bluetooth wireless.


  • Front and rear drum braking system.
  • Coil spring suspension with independent shock absorbers.
  • ESC + ESP.
  • Hill hold control.
  • Front airbag for driver.