ladurner equipment ls2e

An all-electric zero emission vehicle designed for street cleaning through a system of brushes that act mechanically and combined with a powerful suction system.

Great sweeping width, very low noise, minimum operating cost and great environmental protection.


ChassisFull electric traction
Batteries parameters325.6 / 150 V/Ah
Power48.8 kWh
Accumulator typeLithium manganate
Dimensions5100×1660×2180 mm
Gross vehicle mass3495kg
Max cleaning width2.4m
Max cleaning capacity60000 m2/h
Urban cleaning speed3 ~ 10 km/h
Industrial cleaning speed10 ~ 25 km/h
Container max discharge angle≥45
Max gradeability20%


  • Traction is driven by a synchronous motor with high power permanent magnets
  • The charger can adopt any type of European standard connector
  • All vehicles can be viewed and controlled in the cab
  • The entire vehicle is wired and controlled via CAN bus
  • The quality of cutting-edge batteries and the integrated management of consumption give the possibility to work with very low operating costs
  • The brush assembly has an automatic protection function and an automatic reset function. In fact, sweeping discs retract automatically when they encounter an obstacle and automatically reset to work position after having crossed the obstacle. This function therefore avoids the common damage to the brushes and their supports usual when these are managed manually by the operators
  • The equipment has an exclusive manual emergency system designed to act on the pumps ensuring that all devices can be retracted and/or lifted in the event of the engine stop or accident